Mama's Fish House Buoys

Modern fish aggregation devices (FADs), which are buoys anchored in depths between 100 -2000 fathoms, have been used in Hawaii for decades as an effective method to attract pelagic species targeted by commercial, subsistence, and recreational fishermen. For generations, Native Hawaiian fishermen have tended ko’a, or fishing shrines in the ocean, by placing stones or food in distinct locations to attract fish.

The Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council (Council) is involved in a private/public partnership with Mama’s Fish House, which provided funding to deploy the FADs using permits maintained by the Council. Mama’s Fish House is helping the Council collect fishing logbooks that fishermen submit on a voluntary basis to the Council. The voluntary data collection provides information on the size and species composition of fish harvested off the buoy. The goals of community FADs projects are to enhance fishing opportunities, support cooperative research, and provide community benefits.   

(installing the GPS beacon on the buoy after routine maintenance)


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