As of March 19, we have temporarily suspended operations at Mama’s Fish House. The pandemic wave is now on our shore and it is time for us to close. Mahalo to our community for supporting us and helping us to keep the ALOHA alive! Please be safe, malama pono, and stay tuned for more updates.



Every day our fishermen go out in small boats to catch a variety of fish for us: multi-colored Mahi-mahi and tropical Ono, caught near our buoys 30 miles offshore. Reef-feeding bottom fish like Opakapaka, Onaga, Lehi and Uku, caught at depths of 2000 feet and slowly brought to the surface; fighting Ahi caught far out at sea with fast boats trolling lures; Papio from the lagoons near shore; Moi from the fish ponds.

Fishermen bring the fish directly to us. We process and serve it within 24 hours. Our daily menu lists the name of the fisherman and where they caught their fish. Menu subject to change.

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